the one

  1. the one

    what kind of pct have u done and when did u take it in regards with take the one what things did u take and at what point of time did u take it

  2. The one 22 day cycle
    Current pct
    2nd gear
    Protein Isolate

    I have a crush on AN and AI products so as you can see I have a lot of them on hand

    I took my The One pills in the mornings but found it better used mid day or after work in the late pm as after the boost I started to get really sleepy.

    I'd recommend adding a stim going into the third week as I found the one started to make me sleepy around the third week and so I ended my cycle a lil earlier then planned but thats just because I have a great pct and I knew my gains would continue anyway.

    Also note going into the third week I started doing 70 hours a week working and I'm still doing this so that could have greatly contributed to my lethargy while on cycle as lack of sleep.
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  3. hmm illright yeah i have drive 2nd gear protein i might have to grab the rest before i start. How is your gains so far and hows any acne problems well on this
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