Sust250, winny piss test

  1. Sust250, winny piss test

    Was looking into getting another position at my job but i know they will give me another pee test. any chance of Sust or winny showing up in a piss test?

  2. Are they testing specifically for steroids?

  3. Sure there is a chance it will show up....that chance is in direct relation to the test they are giving you. I can virtually guarantee you that it wont be for steroids, but obviously thats the risk you take.


  4. Most non-govenment jobs only do a standard 5 panel screen, or worst case they will do a 10 panel screen, neither of which test for gear unless they specifically ask for you to be tested for it.

  5. Well this position requires me to be FAA certified. So im not sure what the extent of the testing is.



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