So I started my m14 cycle thinking it was gonna be a str8 6 weeker but then I wasn't gettin any strength or mass just water so I decided to throw in The One to actually gain some mass under all that water and puff from the m14...I know I know, DHT overload with dbol's supposedly high rate of conversion to DHT mixed with a prohormone to DHT, but I'm already balding and it hasn't got much worse surprisingly. We will see how my prostate feels after all this though, no symptoms yet though (knock on wood)

Cycle looks like this:

Weeks 1-2:
M1, 4AD - 180 mg's
Nolva - 20 mg's EOD
ATD - 25 mg's EOD

Weeks 3-6:
M1, 4AD - 150 mg's
The One - 2 pills 1st week, 3 pills 2nd week on
Nolva - 20 mg's ED
ATD - 25 mg's ED
2nd Gear - 1 cap ED

Weeks 7-8:
The One - 3 (maybe 4) pills day
We'll see what anti-E's I need based on my gyno's status

As you can see I had to hit the estrogen control strong as I've developed significant REAL gyno in my right nip only. I'm not a paranoid person I know it's gyno but I'm not trippin if it doesn't get better in PCT I'll get some letro and pray it does the trick. Other than that no sides, I've been doing cardio 4 days a week to keep BP down.

Almost immediately after I added The One, I saw my reps and weights start to go up set to set without a huge the fun is in full force, surprise myself everytime I go to the gym now haha. The One is the real deal. I'm a believer.

Starting weight: 188
Starting bench: 265
Starting Squat: 365
Starting Dead: 405

End of week 4:
Current weight: 197
Current Bench: 275
Current Squat: 405
Current Dead: 315X12, 8, 4, 3...I don't max that was my last DC type set this week

I've also gotten slightly leaner (2-3%) and have started tanning so I look better all around ha

Anyways pretty good gains so far I'm happy with them and I feel the best gains are yet to come