Started M1T today, what should I run it at?

  1. Started M1T today, what should I run it at?

    I started taking my LG M1T today, so far i've taken one 10mg tab but I was thinking of bumping it to 20mg ed. My plan was to run 10mg the first week and then 20mg for the remaining three weeks but i've been doing some reading and it seems like alot of people aren't gaining off 10mg. Anyones thoughts?



  2. It is always smarter/safer to start at a lower dosage, several people are starting at 5mg, and then gauge your results and sides before 'bumping' to a higher mg. Considering your weight and basically no other factors (Training history, age, ph/aas experience...) I would say stick with 10mg for a least the first week or two and then adjust up/down accordingly.

  3. bump it to 20mg, split the dosage 2x a day....

  4. I started weighing 199, gained up to 206 in one week at 10mg/ED, bumped it to 20mg/ED, and I'm up 4 more pounds in the last 2 days. This stuff is scary good.

  5. At your size, you probably gain just as well on 10mg as 20mg. I would've recommend starting at 5mg for 2 weeks, but you've already started. I would stay at 10mg for at least the first cycle, The only thing you may gain from upping the dosage is increased side effects. I weigh 50lbs more than you at 10 bf% & I've never exceeded 10mg. Although I probably will next time. It's powerful stuff.

    Don't listen to anyone telling you up the dosage without knowing any background info on you. More is not always better. The goal is to use the lowest possible dose to achieve gains while minimizing sides. The side effects on M1t are rough. See how your body reacts at 10mg, then maybe consider upping it next time around. Chances are, you'll gain well enough on 10mg & never have to.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    ...Don't listen to that BigKay idiot telling you up the dosage without knowing any background info on you...
    I agree with your input with minimal doses but don't call a visiting ADMIN an idiot...remember, we are all good will ambassadors.


  7. I did a two week cycle and started at 5mg/ed for the first week. I raised it to 10mg ed for three days then lowered back to 5mg to finish the cycle. I did not have weight gain, no lethargy, no loss of libido. I used a transdermal 4/ad with M1T. I did have nice jumps in my lifts and great pumps. Felt like my back and arms would explode out of my skin. All gains came in the first week. Very little thereafter. The negative side was a lot of thirst but I didn't increase my food intake, ergo no weight gain. Stats are 6'3', 225#, 13% bf. 15+years lifting 4-5 times/weekly. I'm on my mid cycle break now (2wk)with Nolva contemplating a second cycle. I will start again with 5mg/day. M1T is a little scary cause the effects come so quickly. I have used all the other ph's and the S1+ is ma fave.

  8. I'm going to have to agree that you should stick with 10mg. I weigh almost 35 pounds more than you (Although I did weigh 25 pounds more than you when i started this cycle!) and I'm seeing tremendous gains.


  9. I think it has to do with your size. I a have been run m1t for almost 2 weeks at 10mg ed and I haven't seen **** for gains. I saw really good gains with a 1-t/4ad trans. My next cycle I am running 15mg/20mg ed along with some 4-ad trans. But I weigh a bit more then some people I am at 250#'s right now.

  10. I agree on the dosage should vary for amount of lean mass. I think guys on 1st cycles who are well under 200lbs (150-175) should start with 5mg. Guys bigger than that should be OK with 10mg to start. You can always bump the dosage after you know how gains are coming. I had good gains on 10mg, gaining about 4-5lbs in 2.5 weeks. I plan to up it to 20mg next time around.

  11. Hey Longdog how much do you weigh?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by FTMGuy
    Hey Longdog how much do you weigh?
    I'm 218 lbs at 10% BF, 6'.
    That's why I'm saying it's probably not necessary for guys under 200lbs to jump up to 20 or 30mg of M1t. I think the maojority of people will see some real nice gains on 10mg stacked with 4AD, while keeping the sides low. I plan to try 20mg next time, but if I feel the gains are the same as they were on 10mg- I'll drop back down.

  13. Well, when I saw BiggKay's post, I did 20mg that same day, so since I already started 20mg, I continued. I'm in my 3rd day of 20mg aday and I have seen no gains at all. No strength, no weight,no sides. My diet and training is dead on, I get 220-250 grams of protien a day. That may not seem like alot, but i only weigh 170pds. What day did you all start seeing gains?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Sithstole
    What day did you all start seeing gains?
    Strength gains - Haven't seen them. I'm progressing, but at a normal rate.

    Weight gains - Started the first day. After a week though I've seemed to hit a wall. It all came on so quick in the first 5-6 days.


  15. It took me 3-4 days to start seeing gains on 10mg M1t, stacked with 4ad/OHT. A lot of guts see gains almost immediately. Everybody's different. You should see them within the first week. Also add some 4ad to your stack, it wioll make it much more effective & decrease libido loss & lethagry.

    Many guys who go up to 20mg from 10mg don't see any more gains that they did on 10mg, but increased sides. So they drop back down. I'd consider dropping it to 10 & adding 4ad.


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