Shut down on Epi compared to Tren

  1. Shut down on Epi compared to Tren

    Just wondering what the shut down was like on Epi? I ran T-Roid in January and it seriously shut me down. I couldnt get hard for about 2 weeks!

    Should i expect similar?

  2. the erectile problems associated with the estra 4 9 do not usually show up with epi....but everyone is its really impossible to tell for sure....

  3. Read some logs to find this out. Epistane has been said to both increase libido in a lot of people, but at the same time I've seen people reporting serious loss of libido. As mentioned above, everybody is different so its kind of impossible to determine unless you try it.

  4. Either way, you can't really expect much from prohormones, most likely you will shut down from any prohormone use. That's why PCT's are so important. Also, the faster you get your natural testosterone levels back, the more likely you'll keep your weight gained from PH use. Just plan for the worst and expect the best.

  5. epistaine isnt a ph

  6. Ive never had aproblem getting hard or having sex while on epi. More of an increase.

    I ran trenadrol, and wow. I had no desire for women what so ever! I dont have bloodwork to show either but your women or lady friend will probably me mad if you run trenadrol
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  7. not comparable what-so-ever in terms of erectile problems, epistane actually picked up my libido and it stayed that way until i ran a trenadrol cycle that shut me down hard, im in pct for that now

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mikeyb123 View Post
    I couldnt get hard for about 2 weeks!
    Wow that give me a good laugh. I got NO shutdown on EPI, and just ran an OTC PCT of reversitol and PCS. good prodcut, not great , but good, only gained about 5 lbs kept 3.


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