I'm doing a 10 week cycle of Test e with the first 4 weeks I did dbol.

I'm not sure if the dbol was legit thought, it might of been, just underdosed...

either way. I was thinking about adding in CEL X-Tren to the last 4 weeks of the cycle, weeks 6-10...or should I do weeks 8-12, so it clears with the test e? cause I will begin PCT 14 days after last test e inj.

My only real concern is gyno from the X-Tren, cause I am already experiencing some gyno from the test/dbol (see other thread)...and I understand the gyno associated with X-Tren is a different type of gyno then the dbol/test is causing...and what combats that would be cabergolin and/or letro?

thanks for any input.