20 day winstrol cycle

  1. 20 day winstrol cycle

    I just got my stuff and and realized I only have enought winny for 20 days pinning everyday at 50mg. I just wanted to know is that going to be enough to see any results?

  2. no...its not....

  3. is a 4 weeks run winstrol after sust250 good enough?

  4. i dont understand.....do you have injectable sustanon 250 or do you have the otc oral product sus250.....if you have injectable sust...then i would run the last four weeks of that cycle with winstrol....

  5. I have injectable oil based winstrol and injectable oil based sust250

  6. sust 1-10 500mgs
    winni 6-10 50mgs ed

    thats how id do it

  7. yea I was thinking that or...
    Sust250 1-10 500mg ed
    Winni 8-12 50mg ed

    Thanks for you help

  8. either way good to go....


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