calling all canadians

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  1. iv never had any phs jacked from me, just aas

  2. just get 3-4, if the package is over a certain weight, annnndddd from a supplement company, they will open it because you are only allowed to purchase so many bottles as a consumer, once you go over a certain weight they will think you are ordering to resell, which is a no no, i have personally called canada customs to ask these questions, truth be told, they have no fckn clue what is coming into the country, they stop fed ex routinesly, and any package that says its from a nutrition store/site. I order from Tf supplements only because Ive never not had my package arrive, I simply write discreet shipping, and a usps box always shows up. Now also if your real worried, you could get a girl friend to order it under her name, give her the money and it might help as they wont think a girl is ordering roids. I have tried this and it works fine as well. Just dotn go crazy , order small and be patient, order big and you will screw yourself.

  3. True. Big orders get stopped very often... I have everything I order..

  4. I will always order big

    Can't help it


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