I started my first PH cycle and am using Tren 13 Ethyl, just taking 2 pills a day ( I think its a total of 50 mg), and going to use for 3 weeks (pending gyno) and am not sure if I really need a SERM PCT or if I can use some basic OTC stuff. (like 6oxo or something similar) I have milkthistle for liver support.

    The only other additional stuff I am taking is Activite Muti Vitamin, NO explode for pre workout, Universal Torrent for post workout.

    I am 25, been training since I was 18, plateaued out, and am just trying to cut while maintaining my strength levels.

  2. you are definitely not going to see much at only three weeks. Bump it to at least 4-6 weeks and DEFINITELY take more than 50mg. This is a waste of a cycle imo. PCT you will definitely need a SERM. Tren will shut you down pretty hard.

  3. yeh, more than likely I will increase to 100 mg, for 4 weeks but I wanted to give my body time to adapt, seeing as how this is a first for me.

  4. regardless, if you are going to run a compound you should definitely run it right and for a time that will actually produce gains.

  5. yeah you really ought to plan out a proper cycle here.....if this is max lmg...13-ethyl methoxy gona blah blah blah.....then 50 mgs wont do anything....i

  6. yeh, I upped to 100 mg ( 2x 50 mg a day) got some PCT on its way as well.


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