1-Test or Nordiol

  1. 1-Test or Nordiol

    I'm looking to try prohormones for the first time. My main concern is hair loss and I'm looking for a stack that will minimize that the most. I've read alot of testimonials of people w/ the same concern but I haven't come across many who posted their results afterwards.

    The two stacks i'm considering will either be Nordiol and 4AD or 1-test, 4AD, and 4OHT, both will be transdermals. I am also currently taking finasteride and heard mixed reviews on taking this with both Nordiol and 1-test. Some post state that taking it w/ nordiol will increase androgenic side effects like hair loss since nandrolone will not convert to dhn and will be more androgenic than testoterone in its unconverted state. Is this true and has anyone had experience with this? I know that finasteride should not affect 1-test since it has already undergone dht conversion.

    I'm looking for people who have tried one stack or the other, preferably both so they could give me a more accurate comparison and want to know your results w/ each stack in terms of strength change, weight change, body fat % change and side effects including bloating but esp. hair loss. Furthermore if you could provide me with information regarding how prone you are to MPB and if you have already suffered from any of this or not.

    Furthermore, I have been using minoxidil once per day and nizoral once every three days but while on the cycle, I will add Spiro and maybe substitue xandrox b/c of the alezaic acid in it depending on how effective it is. What are people's experiences w/ xandrox as compared to minoxidil? I know that w/ the nordiol stack hair loss is less likely but i'm curious on the effectiveness of the stack when one is using 1-test.

    I know this is long, but i've pmed two people who used the nordiol and 4ad and received no responses so I hope I will receive some responses by posting this on the board.

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  2. Nordiol, 1,4 Andro, or OHT will be your best bet if hair loss is a major concern. Many guys lose hair from 1-test. I would not use OHT as a stand-alone. I love the stuff in a stack, but it's not anabolic enough to see much by itself. You probably could take 1-test/4ad with your preventative sups & be OK, but if you're prone to MPB it's always a risk.

    I am not prone to MPB, but I use Nizoral shampoo eod while on any PH. Never lost a hair that I know of. Not sure if Nizoral does anything, but better safe than sorry.

  3. Yes I agree with Longdog

  4. Here is what I am currently on.

    Norandrodiol Select 300 - 900mg ED (7AM = 300mg, Noon = 300mg, 6PM = 300mg)

    Cyclo-Nordiol Powder - 75mg (3 half scoops 3 times a day)

    Androdiol Select 300 - 600mg ED (workout days 600mg 1 hour prior to workout, non-workout days 1 300mg cap mid-day and one at bedtime).

    Keep in mind that I my caloric intake is 4000 and my protein total is 400 to 450. I am currently weighing in at 233 lbs, an increase of 8lbs with one week to go.

    I like this cycle because it minimizes the andro sides and allows for decent mass gains while keeping bloat and or water retention minimal.

    I keep the intake of the Nor and 4-Diol 90 minutes separated as they will compete against each other.

    Strength has increased modestly, but the stamina has increased immensely and my libido is still very much alive.

    Everything I have read says that Nor is VERY suppressive, so I will PCT with Nolva, 6OXO and Satur8.

    While the results would undoubtedly be more impressive with 1-Test, I chose the route with the least sides and bloat.

    Good luck!

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