M1T fixed me somehow?

  1. M1T fixed me somehow?

    I posted my results on a couple of threads for my last M1T cycle. I did 2on/2off/3on

    I stated that i had increased my bench press by 58 lbs.
    I figure some people may not have believed the 50 lbs. But i am not bull****ting.

    Let me start from the beginning.
    I was a drug addict at ages 23-25. I was strung out on crystal meth. When i was 26 i got a grip and dropped that **** and all the meth head friends along with it. I have always been above 200 even when i was young and lean. When i was on meth i weighed 165. I looked like death. When i recuperated from the damage my fatass weight was back up to 235 with a fat belly.

    Well, I didnt want to be a fatass either. So i started reading and training and trying to eat the bodybuilder way.

    At 29 and 235 i was one weak sonofabitch. I barely bench pressed 150/8 reps. This was after a nice 6 month training schedule written by Ian King. It was in mens health called "get back in shape".
    Well i got in shape. But i was still weak for my size and my strength seemed stuck. I tried several different programs, mostly from the workout database found here on AM and bb. My strength was stuck for a year and a half. I got it up to 165 for 10 reps

    I found PH'S!

    I bought and returned an andro/dhea/tribulus stack. I returned it after researching further. I found another guru named largekitty. He set me on the research trail. I also found this place (anabolicminds) somehow.

    I tried the transdermal and decided i prefered a pill.

    Decided, hell, i am 31 years old, I am getting some of this research ****!
    I gave it to my "animal"

    That week i increased my bench! I got 175 ten reps and i felt strong. I got it muther****er! (talking to myself that day)
    Next week i got it again and the last 2 sets was 185 for 10 and 9 reps.
    Post cycle week on nolva. 195 ten reps! Up another 10 lbs!

    Week two post cycle. I dropped the nolva stupidly and my extra hypertrophy went away. I think my estrogen was up and i lost the visual gains. Anyway this Workout i decided i was working out with 200 this week to see if i still had the strength.
    I flipped my lid when i got 9 reps with 200! 7 and 6 on the following sets.
    The next week I was back on for the second half of my cycle.
    I got 200 11 reps!

    My rep range is 4-6 but i kept blowing past that!

    After all of this i wanted to start a new program geared towards increasing athletic abilitys while still on M1T. so the high volume did not help my strength much.

    I am now back to the strength program and i am going for 225 4-6 next week!

    i dont understand it. I am on post cycle now and i still have all of the strength and putting more on the bar everyday.

    What can i say. I found this place and it helped me alot.

    Thanks to all of you.

    I did the weight by reps to determine my approximate bench.

    At my strongest naturally i did 165X10= 220 max bench

    After M1T, I did 200x11 reps = 278 max bench

    I increased in this manner in all areas of my lifting!

    I plan on getting under 280 in a week or 2 to test the calculators. I will let you know how it goes.

    I am still weak for 225lbs. I plan on running another cycle later this year to see if it helps as much (probably not as much but some maybe). I am also studying up on the dark side.

    Sorry for the long ass story. But i have worked hard and you guys would know best how good this can make you feel!

    Thanks again!
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  2. "Thinking about the manjuice ya know."

    Dude, I don't think you want to refer to it as manjuice. Just doesn't sound right.

    Anyways, congrats on your gains. Keep up the good work.

  3. What are you talking about?

  4. I just don't want to know about the source of where you get yours...LOL

  5. I have no idea what you are talking about. LOL

  6. whats manjuice anyway?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    whats manjuice anyway?
    I referred to testosterone as manjuice and he could not resist. I changed my post HEHE

  8. Good choice in editing that post. I know I wouldn't want to make the statement that I was "looking into going to the dark side and thinking about the manjuice." But, I have a reputation to uphold here...LOL

  9. Precisely why i changed it. However i think it fits dont you? You are probably full of some manjuice right now. Although you are thinking of a different kind then i am. I was referring to test.

  10. i feel like an idiot.... manjuice is some sort of drug or anything?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    i feel like an idiot.... manjuice is some sort of drug or anything?

    "That brings me to my next point... Dont do drugs"
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  12. LOL...too funny...you guys are killin me!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by VES
    LOL...too funny...you guys are killin me!
    Hey! There is nothing funny about murder...LOL...

    I know, kinda corny, Im just trying to keep the party going!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    i feel like an idiot.... manjuice is some sort of drug or anything?
    Heh, too good . . . bro, you need to get yourself a girl. Then, at the end of a heated love making session, perhaps you will learn the meaning of "manjuice."


  15. good stuff man,
    methyl 1-test over crystal-meth anyday.

  16. dam.......now i get it man juice ............some people i know call it monkey brain juice


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