Take the Surveys!!

  1. Cool Take the Surveys!!

    These links were posted on superiormuscle by MrsPuddlesFL.. They're studies being done on those who actually use/ have used AAS.. They may takek a minute to do, but do us all proud by dispelling these bull**** media rumors on the dangers of what we do..



    NOTE: The second one is by a doctor who actually uses gear, so that should tell you something.

  2. that Rutger's survey is long.. but please do it

  3. I'm on it, also BUMP.

  4. Thanks, brother!

    Looks like only 3 of us care, eh?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Thanks, brother!

    Looks like only 3 of us care, eh?

    filled em out, bro... =)

  6. Did the Doctor's survey ... nice and quick.

    Will do the Rutger's survey when I have more time to spend on the computer.

  7. did em'...... ahhhh, feels good to get that off my chest (hehe)

  8. I finished them both. How many years were all of you willing to give up for your body? I said 10 years. Those are they years I'd probably be in a wheelchair and Depends anyway, so I don't want them

  9. Filled them out as well, hopefully these will shed some light on the subject to the public. Foxx, I put 5 years, I figure what the hell...5 years for x/yrs of glory is worth it.


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