4Ad oral or Transdermal

  1. Question 4Ad oral or Transdermal

    Frist off I would like to say great Board and Thanks for having me here, look forward to learning and one day sharing info here.
    As you can see I'm fairly new here without alot of post. ( learning and shearching frist.)
    I'm 42 5'7" 175lbs 13%bf I'v been training for 3 years now but has not been steady due to 3 surgerys on shoulders, ( 2 on left and just got 3rd one on right shoulder in Nov 03).
    My reshearch has lead me to 1MT and 4AD of some kind. I've used 1ad (3 cycles) and 1 cycle of trenbol X and due to skin reaction of trenbol X I have concerns of using another Transdermal product and was wondering which oral 4ad you Bros and Mods would say would be the best oral 4Ad to stack with my M1T.
    Any and all replyes are welcomed.

  2. if you don't go with a transdermal, i personally would recommend Androdiol Select 300 from Ergopharm. people in general have been satisfied with this product.

  3. Definitely Ergopharm androdiol select 300 I had great results when I ran it for 6 weeks at 1200mgs. Good luck bro.

  4. Thanks..hope to start my cycle in middle of Febuary and will do a cycle log then....

  5. I know a shameful bump and a newbie too..... I feal the heat of a flame coming...LOL

  6. Did I ask something wrong......Was hoping to hear from the Mods on this one......Bobo......Chemo.....W here are you.......LOL

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TopFuel
    1 cycle of trenbol X and due to skin reaction of trenbol X I have concerns of using another Transdermal product
    I'm obviously not Chemo, but I do know that the transdermal carrier for trenabol-X is very different from BDC's transdermal. Maybe Chemo could comment on the differences.


  8. Best oral? Well oral 4AD is oral 4AD to me no matter what company produces it. To me its the same unless someone can show me otherwise. As for skin reacitons, Trenabol X did have 1-test and some people have problems with 1-Test in a transdermal because it can be quite irritable. Unless you are allergic to something in the transdermal (whic means you would breakout everywhere eventually) then 4AD trans is alwsays better. If you just had reactions in the application area its most likely the 1-test. If you broke out everywhere then you were allergic to something. I just can't tell you what it was.
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  9. As Bobo stated, the formular being different for T-gel (much to all of our benefit) and the inclusion of 1-test in Trenabol X could possibly lead to unpleasant reactions with that transdermal. You may not have these same reactions with T-gel and 4-AD, it would seem to me less likely but cannot be ruled out.

    As for the 4-AD oral....I also agree with the clown....4-ad is 4-ad for me basically. I would look based on price, or do what I do and cap it yourself

  10. jweave23;
    Cap it ? are you applying to add some 4ad cyp or prop into caps....if so this is more of what I was looking for not what brand was better....don't want anymore rashes.....and I'm not ready to pin just yet..but I do want some 4ad for this cycle, and what do you think of ading some 1,4diol ?
    Thanks for your reply I know you are very busy with this board and all that you do.
    It was at application sites only so it was most likley the 1-test, with this knowledge I might try transdermal again but now jweave has me thinking on capping it.
    Thanks again

  11. Use 4-AD base if you're capping or making transdermal. The Cyp or Prop powder will not be of any additional benefit unless you're pinning.
    BDC transdermals are great products, unfortunately I have sensitive skin issues also.

    I think a lot of people recommend Ergopharm's 4-AD caps because they are 300 mg.
    But I do agree price per mg is the most important factor.


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