I'm currently living in west Africa and the medical care here is very minimal. I have seen a doc here and have had an ultra sound, where it was verified that I do in fact have a hernia. It's in my upper abbs and it measured at 2cm. It doesn't bother me very often and when it does it doesn't really cause much pain. The only time I know it's there is if I aggravate it while training, but only certain exercises seem to aggravate it at all. The best the docs can tell me here is that if it gets worse that I'll need surgery at some point, They told me not to train so heavy and that there is nothing that can be done to make it better. (the only problem I have with this advise is the doctors here seem fairly incompetent) I was hoping that some one here has had experience and knowledge in this matter and could help me out with some info. Is it possible just to train around this injury or am I asking for trouble by continuing to lift, should I try to get out of country so I can have surge before I make it worse. I realize most of you here are not doctors but just to here your opinions would be helpful.