geared up nutrition-torque?

  1. geared up nutrition-torque?

    i have been trying to research everything about this product but i have ended here for right now. im new at this anobolic thing and am looking for some help on whats the best way to cycle and what the best thing to do while im off the cycle. for right now im looking to burn alot of fat and build a little bit of mass, eventually i will be working for more mass im mainly focusing on burning some of this fat off to begin with. is there anything else that i should stack this with or what i should do to avoid geno? please all the info i can get would be highly appreciated.

  2. my best results came from hydroxycut hardcore and animal cuts they worked really good

  3. for fat need for ph's just some fat burner supps like he said and some cardio.

  4. i just googled that cause i'd never heard of it. thats sd man...if you're looking to lean out thats probably not your best choice. plus if you're just getting into the ph game its a much better idea to start out with a much milder compound. imo man you should keep researching.



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