test/primabolan/winstrol or test/tren/winstrol

  1. test/primabolan/winstrol or test/tren/winstrol

    im thinkin of running a cut cycle
    test 1-12
    prima 1-12
    winstrol 5-12

    maybe use soemthing as a jumpstart? superdrol? any1 else got a better idea for a cut.

    or i was debating on

    test-e 1-12
    tren-e 1-12
    winstrol 6-12

    all of these will be injectables

  2. id really love to do the tren one btw any can state its a good choice?

  3. do the test, tren, and winstrol stack, though im not sure if its good to run tren that long.

    start the winstrol on week 8 and run it two weeks past the test to dry up your gains and wait for the test to clear.

    make sure you have nolva on hand and a good pct

  4. yah about the 2 wks thing i though so myself.
    i was reallin towards the tren one id love to do it. tren-e tends to be alittle weaker then tren ace i belive? thats why i am running it for 12wk but this would do a massive cut. but at first ill dry natrually to get as low as possible so after 2-3months of dieting ill through this in to solify my gains

  5. lst time i used eca hdx2 and lean fx and woooooooooow in 6 wks i dropped from 235-209. and my arm maintained pretty much same size. this time ill use SX instead ECA did mess my heart up for some reason this time i used it

  6. jay you need to stop that tren at week ten...the esther needs to be cleared before the test starts to clear your system....

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    jay you need to stop that tren at week ten...the esther needs to be cleared before the test starts to clear your system....
    why? ester lengths are the same?

    i mean no objection in rinning test longer im on test blend that has some deconoate in it and im running them together and stopping them together.

  8. yah mooch they both are long estered why not? also can u maybe give an complete outline weekly of how this stack would look like with ur best recommended doses

  9. ok...sorry im gonna posts the guru thread to myself on this one.....
    How to be a message board "guru"...

    ok....let me restate this....if i were running tren enth or deca i would stop pinning them two weeks before the test was finished....ensuring that i dont cause any additional problems, libido...etc...etc...as im about to go into pct....but everyones goals are different...sooooo....but as far as what i think you should dose jay i dont know anything about you....have you ran any inject cycles before????if so what did you run and at what doses....

  10. no inject before, btu this will be my 4th cycle never pinned. thats why id like to go with tren-e instead from wat i hear its easier on u then tren-ace. im going to be running test at 400-500 per wk, 200-250 2x. and tren not so sure what is recommended for tren-e. i am going to do as u say cuz i wanna keep long term and ur choice makes sense
    so i will run test wk 1-12
    tren wk 1-10
    and winstrol wk 5-12

    is this a good layout?

  11. btw im like 5months away from this i just like to gather all my info and and anabolic/pct b4 i run a cycle

  12. 300 to 600mgs is going to be the average dosing for tren enanthate....i would stick to the bottom end of that if you have never run tren.....i really enjoy the ace at 50mgs ed but ive never run enanthate so i cant really tell you how it compares....on the other hand though....many first timers with tren will run the acetate....that way if the sides get to be too much they can get it out of their system quicker....personally, for the first 4-6 weeks i feel great on tren....but after that is when the sides "kick-in" for me....

  13. oh and i like to be on my ending oral while the test is clearing my system....i would move the winny back two weeks...but then again thats just a personal preference...

  14. im going to inject winstorl, and tren-a u have to inject ED? i might lean to T-A? it makes more sense. i just dont wanna inject everyday on my 1st inject cycle

  15. the injections arent a big deal....but most guys use 75mgs eod....i found i like 50 mgs ed better tho....

  16. I have gotten less sides when doing tren A ED rather than EOD. Also, if this is your first injectable cycle, would be much easier to use oral winny rather than an injectable, especially if you end up using tren A. Thats gonna be a good amount of injections for a first timer. Not to mention, injectable winny hurts like a mofo (in my experience), and it has to pass through the liver regardless, so just makes more sense to use oral. Just my opinion.

  17. plus water based aas is just a breeding ground for bacteria


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