looking for a recipe for primo enanthate

  1. looking for a recipe for primo enanthate

    gonna try to home brew a couple injectables. gonna do test cyp first to get my feet wet but i am also wanting eventually to do some primo and anavar. i have found many recipes for most things........tren, cyp, enan, prop, stanazolol, but i have not found anything but oral solutions for anavar and nothing at all for primo. i am wanting to put anavar into oil, i know that at least one good ug lab does that but he probably wouldn't tell me how if i asked and i have never seen anything on methenolone. anyone got any ideas?

  2. You lost me. Do you want to know how to synthesize primo enanthate or what are you asking? How to homebrew in general??

    If you get your hands on some primo powder, which is highly unlikely, then use PEG-400 as with any other base modification for an oral solution. If you want to inject then add some BA and filter/bake like normal. PEG-400 is safe to inject.


  3. i am asking how to homebrew primo and anavar. i have found instructions for everything except them. it seems that most use their anavar powder in oral solutions but i want it in an injectable form if i can because i had some from pl and it worked well. otherwise i will cap it or i will make it into an oral with everclear. my more pressing need is to know how to turn methenolone powder into an injectable oil, in a 100 or 200mg/ml concentration.

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