AS and Lipid Profiles

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    AS and Lipid Profiles

    I'm considering a change back to the dark side. I experience decent gains utilizing just 1-2 (8) week homebrew cycles of 1-test and 4-diol (listed here at AM) a year. But I'm becoming increasingly concerned with the effects of having a crappy lipid profile for 16 weeks each year as I breeze through middle life

    I also really hate the lethargy that comes with even moderate doses of 1-test. And from what I've read here with Supersoldier's frequent lab blood tests doing M1T, 1-test seems to be a less than desirable choice if lipid profile is a concern.

    I've read some excellent informational posts here made by Yellow Jacket, although he's been banned? What I've taken from them is

    (1) the aromatizing androgens like test have the least adverse impact on the lipid profile, and oral non-aromatizers have the greatest;

    (2) He also cites an article written by Bill Lewellyn whereby Bill advocates taking Clomid or Nolva throughout the entire cycle;

    (3) Shorter cycles have less of an impact generally, and also allow for quicker recovery of one's lipid profile;

    (4) He lists niacin and the drug lipidor as being meds of choice for AS users to reduce LDL counts.

    So, my question for you knowledgeable bro's is.........

    If you're in your mid 40's or older, and getting concerned about the effects of
    repeated androgen cycling, how would you structure your cycles differently? I'm willing to compromise gains in order to keep a respectable lipid profile. Also, I'm ok with cypionate or enanthate, although I don't want any associated bloat.

    I've never used arimidex, but would Nolva throughout the cycle do the same?

    Same with proviron, never used it, but read good things about it. Anyone know it's impact on lipid profile?

    How long would you run a cycle? I'm ok with only 1 or 2 each year, and long periods in between cycles are ok by me. Would you take 1+grams of cyp or enanthate a week for 4 weeks, rather than 1/2 that amount over 8?

    And, assume use of hcg throughout, a little post, and Nolva post as well.

    Thanks guys, be well

  2. Nolva will do nothing for bloat. Use either femara or arimidex, or even aromasin. Femara, from everything I read has the less an impact on lipid profiles than does arimidex.

  3. Nolva will work for bloating.

    Nolva does NOT cause havoc on lipid profiles.

    Estrogen helps keep lipid profiles at a healthy/nomral level so getting rid of estrogen is a bad idea, ie stay away from arimidex

    Proviron tends to have too great an impact on blood pressure for an older user to use.

  4. Nolva will work for some in terms of bloat. It is an AVP agonist (anti-diurectic hormone) but it might actually make some instances worse because its an AVP agonist. There are several mechanism in which estrogen cause bloat an AVP is one of them. The problem is SERMS are anti-estrogenic in some tissues but actually agonists in others. AI's are basically anti-estrogenic in all tissues they effect therefore reduce bloat much better.

    If you use Test, don't worry about the bloat as estrogen has many benefits as size has stated. You only need Nolva when gyno symptoms occur. Too many people worry about bloat.
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  5. there you have it, I'm retarded

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    You, retarded?! No way.

    Thanks guys.

    What would you do insofar as cycle length goes?

    Also, my bloat concerns are based more on previous AS cycles many moons ago. Although I also was doing oral dbol in conjunction, so I'm not sure which caused more.

    I just don't want that fat face, and to grow out of my clothes ONLY because I'm damming up a ton of water. That being the case, Nolva sounds iffy, would you use femara as Scotty suggests?


  7. You can but I would use very light doses. Nolva won't cause bloat anything near D-bol so I would probably use that. You probably wouldn't even notice it. It would be very minor at most. D-bol, methyltest, Drol (for some) cause mroe blaot than anything due to the potency of its estrogen related metabolites. Test will not cause that much bloat unless used at very high doses.

    As for your doses I would suggest that second one. When running Test I suggest 8 weeks minimum (especially enanthate) but thats me. For you 500mg/week of enanthate will give you very nice results.
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    ..... like I said, a walking encyclopedia

    Thanks Bobo, you rock.


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