Going rate for discontinued ph's?

  1. Going rate for discontinued ph's?

    First off, I'd just like to state that I am not trying to buy or sell any items, just looking for a little info.

    Alright, with that out of the way, anyone have an idea as to how much you could expect to pay for discontinued ph's such as the AX versions of PP(60 count) and SD (90 count)?

  2. most likely you won't find those products that haven't expired yet.

    also, there's no need to pay up the ass for them...there are some quality clones out there. those products weren't banned, but merely discountinued by AX. if you're looking for either SD or PP then you should check out Competitive Edge Labs m-drol (SD) and p-plex (PP).

    IMO: CEL makes some of the highest quality clones...and it's pretty cheap!
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  3. So maybe I haven't been completely forthright about the situation. I am selling these through another avenue as I've just had them sitting around for a while, and was trying to get a feel for the market. It seems like I've seen a few posts about them going for a bit more than the current price of the clones that are out now.

  4. see what its going for on ebay

  5. Ya, I tried to look it up but you can't find any AX SD or PP on there. There was a bottle of SD the other day that had like 8 bids and was in the $90-100 range, but i think it got pulled. That's kinda the reason I'm asking, seemed high, but I didn't know if it was the going price. While I'm not trying to bone anyone price wise, I figure I might as well see what it's worth.



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