Havoc/x-mass cycle questions

  1. Havoc/x-mass cycle questions

    I am contemplating running a havoc/xmass cycle. I am 6'4'' tall 230lbs 15%-20% bodyfat. wondering what dosages i should use for the epi and the tren for my weight. want to run for around 6 weeks. I will use nolvadex after as my PCT wonder what dosage to use for that also and if i maybe should add in 6-oxo with the nolva. Also wondering if its worth it to use post cycle assist or P.C.T. assist, reversitol,or any other non-serm or are the effects negligible compared to the serm.

  2. i am currently on havoc 20mgs. 1 in the morning empty stomache and one before gym with protein shake. i am going to work up to 40 mg maybe 50mgs. i am 235lbs 6'4'' tall.

    should i split the dose evenly throughout the day when at 40mgs? one am, lunch, preworkout, postworkout? i lift at night at 8.m. try to sleep by 1-2 a.m.

    or 2 in the morning and 2 preworkout?

    read that epi was active for 6 hours so should i try to keep levels constant by spreading or dose around lifting?

  3. OK listen. DO NOT take any sort of PH on an empty stomach. If you researched thoroughly, which you clearly did not, you would have learned that hormones are fat soluble, should be taken with a FULL meal, and with a good amount of fat as well.

  4. thanks for responding but you can save your opinions about me to yourself. I read that they are fat soluble as well but any portion of undigested fat would result in excreted fat and guess what else? The Epi that was in the fat. So thanks for the response just try not to wear your judging pants next time. Also i would love for others to give me their advice as to fat soluble. and whether meal or without meal.

  5. I always take it with a meal, and its fine. Your body with build up to its saturated level of epi.

    If this is your first run then to 20/20/40/40. When you take 40 take 2 in the am and 2 pre-gym. Taking epi late could result in poor nights sleep which then results in less protein synthesis, thus making less muscle.



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