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  1. First thread: Torque-Trenadrol-Formex cycle

    Okay here we go, I was debating on putting this up but Iam pretty pumped about getting this next cycle started and I think it will bring some interest so I feel its only fair to explain and try and keep updating my progress and any sides that could occur.
    I am 5'10"-204 LBS and 36 years young. I have 4 years experience with AAS and have pinned about everything i could get my hands on except HGH, too expensive. I have also done just about every oral also but I dont trust the UG's anymore and the HRT places although very good are super expensive.
    So for the past four months I have been researching PH's and I tried one cycle of Geared Up "Torque" 20/30/30/30 bridged to Geared Up "Hard"0/0/0/3pills/3pills/3pills/3pills.Torque is a superdrol clone and Hard is a stack Of Bold/Tren/diueretic. The stack is 180 mg of the Bold/Tren and not sure how much of either, I never got a reply back as to what mg of each but I will tell you they both were ridiculous. The Torque was tremendous at 30 and my strength was scary gained 12 lbs. Headaches and Lethargy with some back pumps, took taurine and potassium and seemed to help. The Hard although not much of a mass gainer took my strength even further and the muscle pumps that I got were so good they hurt, excellent experience. Tamoxifen Citrate 40/40/20/20 and Diesel Test Hardcore 3 pills/day for PCT. Blah Blah.

    Now to the next cycle that will start April 27th.
    Geared Up Torque-30/30/30/30/30/30
    Kilosports Trenadrol-0/0/0/0/90/90/90/90/90/90
    IBE Formex-50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50/50
    Supplements:Omega 3's-6000mg/day-Borage Oil-2000mg/day-Taurine 2-4g/day-glucosamine/chondroitin 3000mg/day-potassium 99mg/day-super cissus 2250mg/day-livercare-2670mg/day.
    Diet will consist of clean 4000 cals. 340g/protein-240g/carbs-150g/good fats

    PCT-still have not decided for sure but I already have Tamoxifen citrate, Clomiphene, and 10000i.u's of HCG plus I will bump up the Formex to 100-150/day and probably some more Diesel Test Hardcore.

    Now I am sure I will get some "Oh my Gosh thats gonna shut you down, kill your liver, sides will be umbearable" etc. etc. and thats fine we will see. I will get bloodwork done afterwards and I know my body well and if I feel at all that i am going overboard I will stop immediately and begin my PCT.

    I have never been prone to gyno, acne, progestine,or anger issues and I remind you I have done cycles as large as 1000mg test eth/600mg tren eth/600mg deca/25 mg dbols/week, now that was a cycle and I did get sore nips but not bad.

    I am curious as far as extending the Torque into a 6 week run with the idea of whether or not it will not be as potent beyond 4 weeks but I will say my last run the 3rd and 4th week is when it really kicked and I was pissed I didnt have another bottle to continue farther so this time we will see. I am also curious as to how much the Trenadrol may shut me down.

    So that is it for now but I will keep this updated hopefully daily my explanations will be short and sweet and no guarantees if I will be on daily but I will keep you guys updated on sides and feelings etc. because I think it is important to let you guys know if there are problems. I am hoping this will be an off the charts cycle with no regrets.

    Any and all comments are welcome.
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  2. Oh Yeah,I will and am using USP Jacked preworkout. This stuff is definately the best I have used, the intense tingle and focus is tremendous much needed to overcome the lethargic feeling I get from Torque.

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