M1T & Drug Testing

  1. Question M1T & Drug Testing

    How much time should I allow for M1T to exit my system before a drug test.
    I will be tested at they end of April & prohormones are on the banned list. (NCAA)

    Thanks Guys.

  2. Methyl supposedly clears out nicely, but I'd definitely allow one month or more. Bump for somebody that knows.

  3. Designer told me 24 hours. I'd give it about a week just to be safe. I seriously doubt more than a week.

  4. wow, what kind of job are you goin for that has PHs on the ban list?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kmac6225
    wow, what kind of job are you goin for that has PHs on the ban list?
    Read it again. He said NCAA. (not to be flaming)

    I'd assume that means he's an athlete at the collegiate level, or soon to be one. The NCAA bans some crazy **** dude, you need to look that list over real close.

  6. ahhh i see

  7. Bump on this thread. Now that the methyls have been out for a while, which ones clear your system quickly and which ones stay in for a long time? Anyone have timelines based on bloodwork? I get asked this question frequently by athletes "how long does XX stay in your system" due to drug testing in college.


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