M1T/4AD Trans Derm/4OHT - Stack/Cycle

  1. M1T/4AD Trans Derm/4OHT - Stack/Cycle

    After 6 weeks of cutting using low carbs - lost 2" in waist, 12 lbs. I just started to get to the point where I felt weak and started losing strength. I decided to try M1T in order to spare muscle and get leaner.

    Initial impressions: 3 Days on M1T so far: 15MG ED (3 5 MG Doses)

    Muscles feel a bit more pumped
    Apetite is Down - feeling a little sick (OK as I am cutting)
    Feeling slightly out-of-breath
    No change in weight

    Compounds being taken:
    4AD/4OHT Trans Derm 2:1 (Build your own Trans-Derm)

    Here is the cycle:

    1 M1T 15mg ED; 25 MG Ephedra 2x (Testing out the M1T by itself for the first week)
    2 M1T 15mg ED; 4AD/4OHT 3 Pumps ED; 25 MG Ephedra 2x
    3 M1T 15mg ED; 4AD/4OHT 4 Pumps; 20-30 mcg Clen 2x
    4 4 Pumps 4AD/4OHT ED; 20-30 mcg Clen 2x
    5 4 Pumps 4AD/4OHT ED; 20-30 mcg Clen 2x
    6 M1T 15 mg ED; 4 Pumps 4AD/4OHT ED; 20-30 mcg Clen 2x
    7 M1T 15 mg ED; 3 pumps 4AD/4OHT; 25 mg Ephedra 2X
    8 M1T 15 mg ED; 2 Pumps 4 AD/4OHT; 25 mg Ephedra 2X


    3 g CLA, 5-10g Creatine, Milk Thistle, 2 g EFA

    Diet: I work 12 hrs/day minimum - so lots of MRP
    Zone Bar AM
    Myoplex Mid morning
    Turkey Sandwich
    Myoplex Mid Aft
    Zone Bar
    Lean Protein/Rice/Vegetables

  2. I plan to use a very similar stack to cut in March/April. I was gonna use 10-20mg M1t for 2 weeks with 4ad/OHT trans. Then ucp-1 with a 1-test trans & the 4ad/OHT for 2 weeks, finally m1t & 4ad/OHT for 2-3 more weeks. The ucp-1 & m1t would be a bad idea to take together as it could bury your liver.

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