megazol vs furazabol same? which is stronger

  1. megazol vs furazabol same? which is stronger

    im debating btw thees 2, it seems megazol is cheaper and 30caps more so it seems the better steal can any1 confirm this is the better product

  2. any1

  3. Both of these compounds need to be dosed rather high. I only have experience from using Mega zol though. The fuz for me is not cost effective. Are you planning on running either of these solo, or with another ph.?

    From my experiences with mega-zol solo, you need at least 200mgs per day for any sort of results, and with 300-450mg per day it helped to get me rather lean on a cut without losing strength or muscle size. It does have androgen sides, especaily the conversion to DHT and hairloss for me at elast.

    hope this helps

  4. well yah i was planning on dosing it around 400mg and i see megazol as a better more cost effective product. im planning on stacking it with tren and halodrol for a good cut. i just finished a bulk with pp sd bridge. so i got quiet a few months b4 another cycle. i just never was around when mz came out. so now its out again and im curious as to why furazabol is soooo much more expensive even though they seem very similar

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