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  1. Thats why I said this "The dienolone could have such effects since its structurally similar but its all theory and I have zero scientific basis for this." Dienolone could have that property to where its not broken down easily even after the methyl group was removed. Who knows. When the closest thing structuarlly is the the most potent and toxic hormone you can use, caution should be first and foremost. Saying it won't be that toxic because its only 4mg isn't wise.

    I've spoken to Chemo about it also and he shares the same caution as I do. As he is a chemist, his caution makes me cautious as well.

    I guess I'm just little jumpy on this one as I've known people to take 150mg of Drol for extended peroids of time, 100mg of Dbol, etc....and the only case of jaundice that has been reported to me is from methyl tren wit someone taking small doses (single digit mg's). So that possible intrinsic property of hanging around even after the methyl is removed makes me very cautious.

    Hopefully it won't be that potent because its sounds like a good alternative to M1T, withouth the lethargy. I'm all for that.
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  2. Sledge,
    How do you plan to sell diene to those of use who want to put it away for later (and see if the initial testers drop dead or grow a 2nd dick (my wife's WORST nightmare))? Don't want to buy it already suspended in liquid, and dosing 3-5 mg per day will be difficult without a neutron-accurate scale.

    Do you plan on offering caps?

  3. i think dose will be 1-3mg, i took more because i am much bigger and i always take more to truly test it. There wont be a need to go above 3mg. I havent had any liver problems with, I had my liver values checked and i should have those results soon but it dosnet seem to be any worse then anything else that i have used and i have used everything you can think of except methyl tren. i dont think this compound should be that closely compared to methyltren. other then structure they are totaly different. methyltren had a problem breaking down which is one of the reasons why it was so toxic, methyldien dosent seem to have that problem so far.

    I havent dropped dead yet and i still have just one dick so tell your wife not to worry. I will be doing this in 1mg tabs and i will have it cheaper then anyone else, and hopefully if china isnt to delayed in its shipping i should be the first to have it as planned. I wasnt planning on selling this one in a powder but to dose it you just do 1mg in 1000ml of liqiud (peg400). I sell all of my raws in 1gm amounts so that no one needs a scale to home brew. I take care of everything for everyone. All you have to do is buy the powder and buy the peg if you want to homebrew.
    Shelf-life is around 2 years for most Phs so these should last just fine.

  4. I say everyone needs to quite guesstimating about it and wait for Soldier to come back with blood test in Feb. Methyltren is by far no Joke if you like being vertical and 6 feet above grade, we all know that. This stuff has a similiar structure and Im with chemo and bobo's approach to it. Sledge ran it with success but as noted sledge is experienced and fits into the big and tall member section. Being safe is never a bad practice. A large majority of members to all theses boards are lightweight newbs and want a quick fix to blow them up. It is those clowns that make the rest of us suffer because they abuse the stuff until its to late and then the supp industry becomes bombarded with newer and heavy fire and we end up worse off then before. One person running a beta test is by far no means to declare it safe to the pill popping public.
    Your Liver is a very valuable asset to your life and even though it is one of the quickest recovering organs in the human body certain substances or the abuse there of will cause non-reversable damage and leave you in a horrible state for the rest of your life. Pace yourself kids. Relax and let the numbers speak for themselves.
    If its as good as expected you better believe Ill be jumping on the bandwagon to but just as almost everyone declared M1T a garbage substance prior to its release to the public everything said until proof is presented is theoritical.


  5. Exactly, I have a couple people testing it, I got blood work done and Super will be getting blood work done. Then at least we will have some type of an idea of what i sgoing on with it. Somebody has to make sure that products just dont get dumped out for everyone with out some type of testing. Obviously I cant have every supp user get there blood tested everytime they take a supp, but I can try. Everyone needs to have regular blood work done to make sure things are nice and healthy.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    Everyone needs to have regular blood work done to make sure things are nice and healthy.
    So true but the way you worded that ending makes me laugh for some reason. "nice and healthy" What can I say, Im easily amused.
    Looking forward to placing a nice big order pretty soon Sldge.


  7. just curious, but how much on average does bloodwork cost?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 2gcorey
    just curious, but how much on average does bloodwork cost?
    It depends on whats test are ran. But in any event if you have to ask then you probably dont want to know. My insurance wont cover mine unless its with my physical and I dont have but one or two of those a year.


  9. at 3mg dose..........1g of this stuff can last for ever
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  10. 1g would last a long time, so would a bottle of 90 tabs as well. Lets say the average cycle length will be 4 weeks and you took 1 mg per day that is a total of 28 tabs. A little a little less then 1/3 of a bottle. So one bottle should get you 3 cycles worth. 1g does a 1000-1mg servings in oral solution. Same deal if the avg cycle were 1mg for 4 weeks gives you a little more then 35- 4 week cycles.

  11. Sledge you said you took 4mgs I am curious what is your current size. Thanks

  12. I am 268 as of today, I started dieting because i got nice and fat over the holidays. I am about 12%. I took above 4mgs but that was for pure testing reasons, there is NO need EVER to go that high with a compound like this.

  13. Thanks. your one big boy. I am assuming you have been training for many years.

  14. about 10 years. but Im 6'3 so it dosent look as impressive as if i were 5'10. i need about another 20-30lbs.

  15. Damn if you put on another 20-30 pounds you are going to be absolutely massive. Best of luck

  16. I have a lot of injuries (not from BB) so I doubt I will ever get to my goal, but if they ever make titanium joints better then what they are now I may have a shot. LOL

  17. How is this stuff on the hair?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    I have a lot of injuries (not from BB) so I doubt I will ever get to my goal, but if they ever make titanium joints better then what they are now I may have a shot. LOL
    For anyone with joint problems, flax oil works great. Thought it was BS at first, but it wasn't.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    I have a lot of injuries (not from BB) so I doubt I will ever get to my goal, but if they ever make titanium joints better then what they are now I may have a shot. LOL
    Designer, we'll never make joints better than those God gave you.

    Good luck on your goals. Looking forward to your upcoming products.

  20. joint problems are a b***ch. , myself i cant stand very good but most all the lifting i do is done sitting ,and a lot of smith machine can be done for pretty much everything and of chemicals help too.

  21. it dosent seem to be a problem on the hairline as of right now. But as far as I knwo there are only 2 people who have ever used this compound. Prolangtum and myself. I didnt have any problems, but I am prone to MPB so I always use topical spiro. We will just have to see how it goes.

  22. Sledge,
    Where are you getting your spiro? Since Wholesale Hair Products went under, I haven't found anyone who has spiro without a bogus "referral" fee Have found sources for Nizoral and Polysorbate 80, just not spiro.

  23. I havent found anyone either, I have thought about doing it so everyone else can have some as well as me. Since I cant use 1kg by myself. But Ihave no idea how legal it is so I would have to check up on it. BUt honestly I have been so busy I havent had time to do anything let alone new research. But Ill see what I can find out.

  24. I just saw someone over at posted that they ordered from and got a confirmation that his order would be shipped shortly.

  25. that is good to know. hopefully it will come in.


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