clan/t3 + M1T...........what do u think?

  1. clan/t3 + M1T...........what do u think?

    i want to run 2 weeks cycle clen/t3 with m1t

    i need help with the clen dose

    clen (tabs): 123344565443321....or.....2223 3334444664 (both cycles: 50 20mc tabs)


    m1t: 10 mg

    HIT cardio for 20 min 3 times a week+ cut down 500 under maintinanance
    then 6 weeks NYC+ guggle + 7-keto + syntrax MM4

    im not sure about the clen dose is it low?........should i add something to the cycle? thinking about using UA also, is it worth it. is it better fat burnner than clen/ t3?

  2. One can't simply spit out a clen or T3 dosage. They are very much dependent on individual users.

    For instance, I can and have taken 200mcg of clen. For some that is FAR to great an amount. So with clen, start at 20 or 40mcg and increase dosage until you feel it is being effective. You will feel it also.

    With T3, nothing over 100mcg should be needed when combined with clen. This is my opinion and NOT rule, in fact I would probably stop at 75mcg of T3. It is very important with T# to gradually increase then decrease your dosage.

    T3/Clen combo is one of the best fat burners you can get. Be very carfeul and be very safe. Muscle loss will most likely happen so be prepared.

  3. is clen enough to combact lethargy from m1t? u still need to add 4-ad?

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