Winstrol Cycle - Pricing/Support questions!!

  1. Winstrol Cycle - Pricing/Support questions!!

    Aight, a guy I know is wanting to sell me a 150 tabs for 150 dollars..

    Is winstrol effective solo or do I need to run test as well?

    What kind of changes can I expect to see?

    18, 5'10, 182, 13%

    Looking for that cut look and have been dieting/exercising from a dbol bulk of 195 lbs to get to about 180!

    All help is appreciated
    Last edited by Obsidi8n; 04-19-2009 at 12:00 PM. Reason: Edit - Sorry about the pricing question!

  2. I don't think asking about prices is allowed.

  3. I took it out! Sorry about that!

  4. no price talk and read the rules. dont post here under 21

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