Thin transderm

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    Thin transderm

    I mixed a batch of 1-t,4oht,and 4ad @ 5g's ea with 4oz T-gel and it's pretty thin imo, I'm wanting to double it so I can atleast get a six week cycle without thinning it out anymore. Watcha'll think ?

  2. 15g total in 4oz? Are you sure even the new formular can hold that much?

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    Yeah, compared to LGP's 1-t oht which was 5/5/6 g's in 8oz.
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    The T-Gels were redisigned to be able to dissolve a maximum of 10 grams of powder. After you've added 15 grams of powder, you say it is still thin. It should be like sludge. I wouldn't add any more powders as they will not dissolve.

  5. I've tested them to 10 grams...if he wants to go higher I'd love to hear his feedback.

    Although, with respect to the viscosity issue: I formulated it to thicken slightly after adding the powders. Is it still too thin? Thickness and ability to dissolve are an intimate tradeoff. The thicker it is the less will dissolve and vice versa. As I said before, the thicken-after-adding-powder trick borders on alchemy and less on chemistry!


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    I'm wanting to try it with tren for maby four or six weeks depending on how well I work with the tren.


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