my m1t 4derm cycle

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    I started my m1t 4derm cycle on the 31 december. When I started my libido went straight to hell. It is now back 8 days later, better than ever. It took 2 weeks for it to returm when I was on 1ad and andro spary. I seem to have a little too much libido. I can't stop thinking about sex. Anyway I am taking 10mg of m1t with 400mg 4derm with all of the protective goodies. I will continue for 2 weeks to see if I have any intolerable sides. If I don't, then I will continue for a month. I had mild lethargy when I started, but it quickly subsided. Talk about being pumped all the time, I wake up feeling like I have already been to the gym

  2. yes... that is a good stack.. and good dosage..

    i have run the same dosages for 1 month and saw great gains.. have kept them all too..

    right now i am totally addicted to 10mg of m1t alongside 20mg m5aa..

    midway through my workout i took off my sweatshirt and veins where everywhere.. i could see everyone looking wherever i went in the gym..


    height - 6'6"
    weight - 282
    bf - 12%
    ethnicity - black/polynesian

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