H-drol cycle questions-Never been asked-

  1. H-drol cycle questions-Never been asked-

    Hi Everyone!

    Im about to start an H-Drol Cycle, have started precycling as of yesterday and i have some questions. Here are my stats, and PCT info:

    5'9 200 lbs. Approx 10-12% BF. Just got off a big cut where i dropped about 33 lbs and lost about 13 % BF in the last 6 months. Im too the point right now where i can see my abs trying to poke out and can def feel them. I have a little lower belly fat, tiny love handle fat. I have been lifting for the past 7 years, but over the year before my cut i went through a ton of life things that contributed to my downfall into a deep depression. Im getting to the final stage where i want to be and i want to know how much the hdrol is going to lean me out. My diet is approx 500 under my maintence, about 1.2-1.5g protein per lb and low carbs. I basically consume carbs from wheat bread meal 1 hour before workout and carbs post workout.

    How should i approach my diet to get the best leaning qualities of Hdrol, or do you feel this will be enough to rid my final fat spots. I know spot reducing is impossible, but the rest of my body is up to par and these are the last areas that need to go.

    Pct will be creatine, reversitol 3/2/2/1 with pcs week 3 onward 4 a day. lean xtreme day 1 of pct throughout 4 a day.

    Taking cycle cupport one week before and during, fish oil, taurine, xtend, when and casein protein.

  2. Im not sure of the lean gains, or how it leans you out. There are a bunch of people who have ran hdrol on here. IM sure someone will chime in. Everything looks good PCT wise and such. Congrats on ur transformation

  3. all prohormones can bulk or cut - diet is key for either of those goals.

    low carb for cutting, high carb for bulking.

  4. steroids dont burn fat....diets do....the hdrol will keep you anabolic while your at a caloric deficit....but its not going to be burning the fat....

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