End of cycle problem

  1. End of cycle problem

    So im coming towards the end of my cycle and it looks like im not going to be able to get my pct for a couple weeks after the gear is gone (stupid mistake i know).
    Current cycle:
    1-5 tren xtreme 120 mg/ed
    1-10 test prop 700 mg/wk
    4-10 winstrol 50 mg/ed
    I've got one week left and i have about 400 mg prop and 450 mg winstrol left, but ive also got a full bottle of superdrol and a few bottles of bold 200 lying around. So do you think the best thing to do would be just spread out the test at a low dose for a couple weeks with the superdrol at 20mg/day to keep the gains until pct? Or maybe end the cycle and start a over the counter pct until i get the real pct??

  2. spread the test out.....say 100mg eod or even less until ur PCT supplies arrive...THIS is why u should have everything ON hand before beginning

  3. why would it take a couple weeks for your pct to arrive....go to a research site...you can have it in a few days....

  4. Just found a research site... shipping 2-4 days thats badass, thanks mooch problem solved

  5. no prob bob



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