cycle advice appreciated (positive or negative)...

  1. cycle advice appreciated (positive or negative)...

    hey guys finally finished writting out my cycle n was hoping for some feedback, positive or negative...first i'll start off by writting down my overall stats:
    age- 33
    height- 6'0
    weight- 180lbs-185lbs
    bodyfat %- 8%-12%
    years training- around 10yrs
    cycles- 8-12
    if anyone needs anymore info on me, just let me know n i'll provide...well this is what i have planned out:
    test enanthate- 600mg/wk 1-15
    trenbolone acetate- 125mg/eod 1-15 (tren comes in 250mg/cc)
    winstrol v- 50mg-75mg/eod 10-15 (to avoid repeated injections,was thinking of drinking every dose)
    hcg- 500ius/wk (starting wk 4)
    pct starting wk 16
    well hope anyone outhere finds the time n is willing to help me out...thanx again guys

  2. i hope u mean tren enan because tren ace at 250mg/ml would be the most painful sh!t ever and i HIGHLY doubt it would even dissolve

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