1 estergels effectiveness and compound efficiency

  1. 1 estergels effectiveness and compound efficiency

    I've been getting conflicting information about dosing oral 1-test and it's effectiveness. I've done transdermals but no oral 1-test. There is a product by Molecular Nutrition called estergels that are 100mg softgels. Can anyone tell me what an effective dose is, and how effective it is in comparison to transdermals.
    Basically I'm looking for an oral 1-test 4 week cycle that I can do that is very effective that I can get for under $50. The area on the web page that rates each 1-test compound's effectiveness is very interesting. Do you guys think there is any truth to it or is it marketing hype.


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  2. I tried Nutrex 1-TU which is somewhat similar to Molecular's 1-T. I wasn't impressed with the results... Anyway, I think you have to consume way more than the suggested dosage which can get expensive.

  3. There are tons of underdosed overhyped bad products out there but molecular and Ergopharm are good. Ergopharm 1-ad or molecular ethergels are decent oral products. Never tried them because I started with transdermal.
    I think molec claims its ethergels absorption which contain 25mg is equal to 1 of 1-AD's tab which is 100mg. I think its a bit less after reading some feedback some time ago.
    What reason for oral?

  4. Oops I went to the link and found out the product has changed. Its now Estergels instead of ethergels so I'm not sure how it stacks up against 1-ad.

  5. I've had pretty damn good results with Nutrex 1-tu....4 caps a day will get you pretty jacked IMO....your muscles will harden up and be tight even many hours after workout....

  6. moleculars product is the same as syntrax's sauce 1-t frankieq on bb.com is running a log on it gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks..lake liked it too
  7. Talking

    Ive done Nutrex and they were good though I doubt it would work for me again after all the stuff ive taken already.So judging by my past experiences with esters and at 100mg,should be good for beginners and at high doses good for anyone.This is a diff compound so should be even better now .4 bottles would be good.I on the other hand dont print my money so too bad.


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