Syno/Fina Questions

  1. Syno/Fina Questions

    Alright bro's, I've read through several syno/fina conversion threads and have a few questions. Using the methanol method without a kit:
    1)What type oil do most ppl use? Dazed said vegi...
    2)Where can I get sterile viles? All GPZ has in stock is 30ml vials.
    3)Where can I get 0.8-1.2micron syringe filters? GPZ only carries 0.2-0.45.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. 1) --> cottonseed oil, USP
    2) --> tell him Chemo sent you
    3) Why do you want such a large pore size? The .45's are standard.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Chemo
    Why do you want such a large pore size? The .45's are standard.
    From the conversion article at Avant by Dazed:

    Materials needed: Methanol (Heet) -- The amount needed will vary with the number of recrystallizations. Distilled water, 2 glass containers (Jars preferably), a 60ml syringe, syringe prefilter (.8 to 1.2 micron) and coffee filters.

    So is it OK to use the 0.45 filter here, then the 0.20 filter after mixing the final product w/ oil & BA for the final filtration? or should I use another 0.45 there as well? Also, I found cotton seed oil at LM but it didn't say USP grade. Thanks for the help Chemo.

  4. Holy ****'re actually going to use the selective recrystallization method?? Listen, I'm a trained chemist with years of lab experience under my belt. I would not attempt the method due to the inefficient separation and low yield.

    However, since that method was first published there has been a great deal of research into the separation process with ester preservation. Dazed offers a kit based on his research that has been proven to be of high yield and purity. Why don't you get a kit and go that route???


  5. OK, you've convinced me. I know to convert 1bx of syno I'll need 2 10c complete kits. Do the kits at the link you provided remove estrogen as well? Also for each fina cart I'll need a 2g F kit. If I read correctly everything I need is in the kits. So there would be no need to buy extra oil or MeOH as far as I can tell.

  6. If youre doing one box of syno, then you'll only need a 10 cart kit. Yes it does remove the estrogen and leaves you with prop.

  7. Thanks bro. After visiting basskiller, Got Fina, SM, BBC, and research chems I think I've got the process down. Now I just need to put in some OT at work so I can get


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