GNC/Vitamin Shoppe pre-cycle

  1. GNC/Vitamin Shoppe pre-cycle

    So my Life Support isn't going to get here until Tuesday which is the same day I start my cycle (Havoc or H-drol, leaning heavy towards the latter).

    A lot of you recommend preloading liver support before the cycle. I can go to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe today and buy some key stuff to start preloading today. I'll get milk thistle or celery root or whatever berry stuff you think I need What would be the top two or three things to get and how much would I use?

    Keep cost in mind, I've already invested bought all my stuff and whatever I buy will only be used until i get the Life Support on Tuesday.


  2. keeping cost in mind..go to target or wal-mart...i go there for all my support supps like that.

  3. wait..hold on..u dont know what ur going to use yet? o dam...just wait until ur life support comes in if u have not decided what to use yet.

  4. regardless, they're both mild methyls, and will have many of the same sides. heres your list of goodies, and yes walmart is better because if you were to indivudually buy allthe ingredients in life support, which i assume you bought 2 bottles of (67 bux), at gnc or vshoppe youd spend well over a hundred bones.

    sylmarin (milk thistle extract) 1000-1200mg/day
    coq10 or derivatives (idebenone, ubibiquinone)
    saw palmetto / betasitosterol
    celery seed
    hawthorne berry
    no flush niacin
    fish oil and lots of it, look for a potent extract serving up a good 4-700mg of dha/epa respectively
    stinging nettle root

    i could go on, but it starts to get $ past that. but like mommmma said, better safe than sorry right?

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