I am about to start my first cycle. I was going to do Havoc but I'm not leaning towards H-Drol because I don't want to deal with all the potential sides that Havoc has.

My primarily goal is to cut, however, I do expect and desire lean gains as well.

I've heard a million times that diet is really important on cycle. But I'm not sure how to alter my diet. Because I'm trying to keep my BF down I'm on a maintenance diet right now. I assume that I should bump that up on cycle even though my primary goal is to cut. But how do I figure out how much to bump it up so that I can still make some gains with an emphasis on cutting?

Also, I almost exclusively do compound exercises. Isolation exercises have not played much of a role in my workouts for almost a year now. When I'm on cycle should I place more emphasis on isos? Intuitively I feel like I should stick with the main compounds but do a lot more isos. Am I off base?

Thank you!