running epi after getting a little gyno for lat run?

  1. running epi after getting a little gyno for lat run?

    tried searching for this but didnt find anything. i have run 2 previous 5 week cycles of epi and i got good gains from both. the last time i ran it was in october. i went out of town for a week during my 2nd week of pct and slacked on all of my pct. i ended up getting a little gyno in my right nipple. it isnt really bad but there is a definate ball under my nipple that is a little tender. many people said that the epi cleared up their gyno. im about to run another 5 week cycle at 30,30,40,40,40 and will have a serm on hand most likly for pct. has anyone had experience with this situation or any imput.

  2. bump, my stuff should be here today or tommorrow so looking for some imput asap

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