Is P-Plex the strongest?

  1. Is P-Plex the strongest?

    Does anyone know if P-Plex is the strongest ph for mass gains or is Tren stronger

  2. I can't speak for tren but pplex (the original) was decent on weight but nice in the strength department. I was up on all lifts, at least, 20-35lbs

  3. never took tren but took SD and pplex. SD for me blew it out of the water, more weight gain, all lean and explosive strength.

  4. pplex mg per mg as strong as SD, but more andorgenic.

  5. does pp have less sides than sd tho? sd sides were nooot fun

  6. phera plex aint got SHT on superdrol(winner)

  7. Superdrol if you want the most potent PH/DS, though also its more toxic. The One is showing some pretty massive gains as well, but it is very new you could watch some of the logs.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TNASTYII View Post
    does pp have less sides than sd tho? sd sides were nooot fun
    similar sides with pplex taking over the androgenic sides and some bloating.

  9. ive got a similar thread on this myself.... looking for the best for pure size, as everyone seems to want pounds or strength increase. **** i weigh enough already and my strength is going great and im on nothing right now, just food.


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