1-T Tren Xtreme muscle stack vs solid EPI cycle

  1. 1-T Tren Xtreme muscle stack vs solid EPI cycle

    besides being more expensive what has been the feedback from 1-T Tren.

    how does it compare to a EPI 30,30,30,40 cycles with a solid ptc of reversitol dth LX + cycle support?


  2. anyone? how do results compare

  3. It's too new to have solid feedback. Search for a few logs; I picked up the Xtreme HMS and will be starting it myself in a week or two. Nobody that I know of has completed a 6-week cycle yet. The gains should be greater than Epi though.

  4. i just started an epi/tren cycle on monday. using xmass and estane. dosing on week one has been epi 30mg, 'tren' 80mg (40 the first 2 days). ill be entirely honest with you, i thought i'd be 'feeling it' more than i am, but maybe i need to give it a second. my vascularity is already where it was when i ended my last cycle, strength is there, agression is there in the gym but no where else (kind of a disappointment, i like being amped up all day ha). and i think thats it, when i say not feeling it. i'm missing that expected euphoric alpha drive i usually get, but maybe i need to wait a minute.

    anyhow, i have no experience with 1-t, but was always curious how well the formulation actually took care of lethargy and libido. call me stupid but if it was me, and if i had the appropriate fund for it, i would have stacked that 1-t tren and some epi. somewhat of a methyl kickstart.

    another word on the epi. i have gyno and have had gyno since puberty, 11 years old. been there a whole ten years. i've had some success bringing the lumps down to size, nolva, atd, 6bromo, all work well. i can actually say, and before i do i never actually thought i would be able to just out of sheer doubt, but epi is actually reducing my gyno in a matter of days. all this while on 80mg prodienolone, not taking caber or vitex either (yet), just p5p.

    because the 1t tren is so new, not many of us can say much about it. but in theory and on paper, it sounds quite promising. 1t original was a huge hit. can't tell yu how many great logs i read when the stuff hit the shelves. try to find poopypants' 1T/Epi log. His boy also ran a phera/1T go, not that you're interested, but should make for good reading.

    best of luck, and keep us posted. once again if it was me, i'd do something like 1t-tren for 7 weeks, with either a 4 week epi kick start, a 4 week epi backload (drying things up before pct), or epi weeks 1,2,3 to start, one week break during week 4, and then epi weeks 5,6,7. but thats just me.

  5. thanks ill prob wait a few weeks and check out the logs. im not a big supp mix guy but thanks for the advice man



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