suggestions for an e-stane/tren 250 stack?

  1. suggestions for an e-stane/tren 250 stack?

    i need some ideas for this stack regarding dosages, length of cycle, and also pct. i appreciate the help

  2. we're here to guide, not spoon feed. read some logs. what are the recommended doses?

  3. hey just lookin for some suggestions from people who have experience w/ this stack-take it easy! btw the recommended dosages for the tren is 2 a day for 4-8 weeks and i believe the e-stane is 2 a day for 4 weeks

  4. there are a bunch of logs with this exact combo of compounds, most run epi 30-40mg per day and trenadrol 90 mg per day, but some go over and some under....

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