Possible Gyno, How bad will this effect?

  1. Possible Gyno, How bad will this effect?

    Well a little over a week since I started 1-ad extreme, and 4-ad at 300mg / 600mg. I had some puffiness in my nips and let it go for a day or two, and felt around last night, Noticed a slight lump about a cm or 2 above the nipple in my left side. I dosed some nolva, 20mg. Wasnt as puffy this morning, gonna continue the Nolva until I cant feel the lump (hopefully it goes away)
    How much will this effect my gains if continue novla? And should I up my dose?

  2. I mean I haev a little bloat/BF around my chest, but its doesnt protrude like a "tit" like some pictures ive seen. But that "little" lump right above my nip make me nervous, I havnt ever felt that but it still is rather early. Better safe then sorry but does it sound like gyno? Will this lump subside?

  3. Sholdn't effect gains all that much. I would up the dose to 40mg/day of Nolva until it subsides. If you feel a lump then it the early stage of tumor growth and you need to take care of it now. Obviously your susceptible to gyno so accept the reality that Nolva is your new best friend when using aromatizing hormones.
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  4. ick, the word tumor sucks. Shoulda picked tissue

  5. Thanks bobo



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