T3 for girls

  1. T3 for girls

    Anyone have a recommendation for a cycle i could give my buddies girl?
    She's been dieting for like 3 months i think, lost 15 lbs but looking for a little help. I was gonna give her some yohimbine too, if that goes well with t3? Clen is a no no as she'd freak out about the shakin i bet. She hasn't used anything during the 3months dieting (or atleast that i know of) so any input would be coo, thanks!

  2. I tell you the one to talk to KC is Rhapsody.. she kinda knows her stuff

  3. what is her weight, heitght, and bf % approximately. and age would be nice to know too, even if it is a loaded question.

    I have trained women on t3 and clen, but never t3 alone.

    It would also be nice to know her current tsh levels before considering this. And these levels are not going to be very accurate after months of dieting.

    My suggestion would be to have her take a 3 week break on a maintenance level diet (assuming she has not been in starvation mode for 3 months). Get the blood work done, and then dose the t3. You might also consider t4. I know the long half life is somewhat perplexing in the doseage schedule, but it works pretty well if you have done the above mentioned things and know where to dose it at. just remember that t4 converts to t3 on a 25% basis.

    I would personally run it with a very small amount of clen to keep the appetite down. No carbs after 5pm, and see what happens.

  4. actually I was going to ask the same thing for my GF

    Right now she's on 200mcg clen daily with 400mg potassium and 3g taurine....says she doesn't really feel much.....crazy, right?!

    I have a good ECA stack for here inbetween the clen cycles, but was thinking of getting some T3 myself, so interested in female dosing also

  5. I posted some info on it in the female AAS section at bb.com to answer a question for a female. I will cut and paste later.

    Women need to be more careful with T3 as women tend to have a more sensitive thyriod.

  6. My GF used it at a max of 25mcg/day and lost around 6lbs overall. Now for someone who only weighs 128lbs thats a good amount. It defeintly helped as a woman's metabolism is naturally slower than a mans (due to muscle amount)
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  7. What are sides and possible problems?
    Common sides are headaches, increased sweating, heart rate increase, and muscle loss. However, if used in moderate dosages much of this can be avoided.
    Women should be more careful with T3 as females tend to more senstive to it. Consequently, lower dosages apply with females.

    is it better to cycle this with clenbuterol,or will just cycling clen be effective for the first time using?
    Clen and T3 used together is very good fat loss combo. They should cycled on and off. For instance 18 days of clen and t3 followed by 18 days off. You start low with both and increase your dosages and then taper down. Low dosages of t3 is all that is needed. For clen, you just increase dosages as you can handle it, I imagine with clen you will top out at or before 100mcg. Typically, clen is 20mcg per tab but not all of them. it is important to be certain on the strength of your t3 and clen.

    in general what type of weight loss or bodyfat loss can I hope to achieve while on this cycle?
    You honestly should expect to see quite a bit of weight loss as long as your diet, carido, and training is in place. Be careful and watchful b/c such cycles do take fat off, but it can be at the expense of muscle loss.

  8. Thanks guys, i'll print this out and show her it and she can go from there. I dont know her weight/height as i'd get slapped for asking But shes pretty short, and doesn't look fat to me but..........

  9. She should start very low with the T3 and play more with the clen dosage if she wants to use clen also.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Thanks guys, i'll print this out and show her it and she can go from there. I dont know her weight/height as i'd get slapped for asking But shes pretty short, and doesn't look fat to me but..........
    yep....... I don't even bother asking my GF her weight either....just not smart


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