not taking time off?

  1. not taking time off?

    I know its important to take time off after your cycle before going onto another one.
    but i was wondering how bad it is for you?
    I just finished my sdrol pct and i was wanting to start my next cycle in 2 weeks of phera/bold, i have it planned out that cycle+pct will be exactly 10 weeks, and im going on vacation exactly 10 weeks after may first.

    so if i wait i have to wait like over 3 months.
    i dont plan to do another cycle for at least 6 months after this one. think it would do some damage or would i be ok?

    my sdrol cycle was for the most part at 20 mg
    i experienced virtually no shutdown, and continued to make gains over pct without any fat gain.

  2. You already know the answer.. In fact, you stated it in the first sentence. If you're going to take the risk, I'm not gonna cry trying to stop you (no offense) and I'm not gonna condone it either. I mean.. Come On..

    And to answer your question I guess.. Very bad - did you check out your cholesterol?

  3. time on + pct time = time off

  4. it depends on your goals.. if your trying to be a pro athlete, pro bb, or fitness model, theirs prob a good chance your not gonna be following the exact protocol of time on= time off.. but weigh your health vs your goals

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