What liquid carrier to make an oral PH solution?

  1. What liquid carrier to make an oral PH solution?

    I just order a few grams of M1T and M5AA. I want to make my own oral solution. What's the best liquid carrier for maximum solubility. I'm about to order some PG and PEG-400, but will 151 (or a high strength alchohol good enough). Also do I need to add any BA? If so how many ml per 100ml? thanks in advance.

  2. I know Sledge had success with 1 gram of M 1T in 98-99mls of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and 1ml of BA

  3. Thanks Pro,

    Do you know if the PG/PEG 400 works at all and does the final product need a preservative? What's the BA for? Just to keep anything from contaminating the solution provided it's left alone? Any more info would be great. Thanks for your time.

  4. Also would the olive oil have to be sterile or could it be store bought? Sorry for the ignorance I just don't have much experience in making an oral solution. I have 1 gram of tamoxifen I'm trying to make into an oral solution and checked the Merck Index for info. I'm kind of lost man as to how to suspend these chems and keep them stable and not ruin them. later.

  5. Directions for Oral solutions:

    1. Olive Oil Oral Solution 10mg/ml
    (For M1T and M4AD only)
    1gm M1T
    96ml extra virgin olive oil
    1ml BA
    Heat for 10 min and let cool and you have a 10mg/ml solution.

    2. Everclear or Bacardi 151 Oral Solution 10mg/ml
    (For M1T and M4AD only)
    1gm Methyl-1 Test powder
    99ml Everclear or 151
    Allow to dissolve.

    3. ( For M5AA, M1T, M4AD)
    1 gm powder
    25 ml Peg 400
    73ml Propylene Glycol
    Heat for 15-20 min and let it cool before use. Methyl-5AA may need to be heated slightly before use.

    M5AA dosent dissolve real well in anything, there are some small flakes left, but it isnt bad. However you do sometimes need to reheat it to get it totaly clear, at least here in NY where it is cold.

  6. Thanks Sledge,

    When you guys talk of heating it at 200-250 degrees in the oven to fully dissolve it is there ANY chance that I'm might blow something up or create a fire? I don't know the flammability if there is any of PG or PEG-400. Do I even have to heat it? Thanks man.

  7. yeah you need to heat it, not you shouldnt have a problem lighting anything on fire or blowing up, as long as you have a pyrex contanier that can be baked.

  8. which one of the three is best solvent?

  9. it depends on the PH, M1T dissolves in about 5 min. with min. Ba and BB
    M4Ad isnt to bad, you just need to heat it longer then the M1T.
    M5AA takes longer and you need the PG/Peg400
    I am still working on the Methyl-1,4ADDiol.

  10. sorry I'm sure this is getting irritating...but where do I get a Pyrex container and what exactly is Pyrex. I'm sure you getting frustrated, but man I just don't know. Sounds like an everyday kitchen item I could get at Wal-Mart. thanks

  11. last post on this...do I need BA or BB to complete the solution in either M1T or M5AA? I see you don't list it except for the olive oil solution so I've probably answered my own question...but if you don't mind can you tell me if it's needed in a PG/PEG-400 solution. thanks

  12. you dont need it for the peg solution but for M1T you should do oil, its nice an easy. Pyrex is the name of the beaker, check out one of the research chem suppliers they might have it.

  13. what's BA and BB?

  14. http://lemelange.com/
    Theyve got everything youll need and are a realible source. Theyve been used many times by many board members. Check the Bodybuilding supplies for all the goodies youll need.


  15. Nolva doesnt suspend well in anything. Just use PEG400 and you should be fine. 20mg/ml to 40mg/ml. The higher the dose the hardier it is to keep it in a solution. Shake, shake, shake and youll be fine.



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