Tren, M14add, and JW?

  1. Tren, M14add, and JW?

    have 2 bottles of JW that i got for free and am thinking of incorporating them into my tren/m14add cycle
    still weeks out, but want to make sure i got everything set up..
    will be running the usual support sups and will lay out the PCT later, and i plan on logging it so my only question now is about the Jungle Warfare?
    should i run it along side, if it is methyl-atd do i need to run the atd EOD 25mg?

    90/90/90/-/ M14add by CEL
    90/90/90/90/ Trenavol by chaparral labs

    (probably will run ATD 25mg EOD or daily if i feel the need, for estro conversion of the m14add)

    open to any suggestions/changes

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  2. bump it up..
    CURRENT 2014 Log

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