High BP

  1. High BP

    What are some signs of high blood pressure. I got mine checked a week into cycle and it was just slightly elevated. But I gotta pay 10 dollor co-pay everytime I goto the doc, and the machine that used to be in safeway is gone. Anyone know some signs to look for for high BP?

  2. just go over to walmart and by you a little BP cuff..
    headaches, blurred vision to name two I can think of right off

  3. I never figured they sold those at walmart, Im usually on base so I hardly get out to a real store =P

  4. If your going to buy a bp monitor, and have any arm size, be sure and get the big cuff. the standard ones only fit up to max 16-1/2 inch arms. I would get a good ol manual one from the med supply store instead of those damn digital ones. You don't even need a stethoscope to take your own bp as you can feel your pulse start and stop times.

    the signs of high bp that I normally see in myself are headaches, sensitivity to the light, feeling my pulse in my teeth and behind my eyes.

    You definately want to keep it checked and I believe anyone using aas should be taking their bp at least twice a week. Not only does high bp put you at a danger of stroke, heart attack, etc, but it will fry your kidneys. So be safe


  5. ditto on the large cuff..but some of the digitals are good to go.. at least mine is..

  6. What do you mean by slightly elevated? Do you know what your baseline is? Signs like these guys said plus dizziness, and bloody nose can happen.

  7. I was like 10 points over normal s and a little under 80 d, which is just hardly normal high, They just told me it was slightly elevated and asked if I smoked. Which I said no, but she said okay just watch it, its prolly nothing. Just curious and keeping my eye on it is all

  8. I work in a clinic and see people with all kinds of conditions everyday. I also speak to several different docs all the time about stuff like this. According to what you have posted, you have a good ways to go before you have anything to worry about.

    Sometimes I am accused of taking some of these things too lightly, but from what the docs tell me, the danger zone for these things is usually somewhat higher than what is broadcast. Don't get me wrong, I play it safe and err on the side of caution most of the time.

    Also remember, BP is something that becomes more dangerous when it is left untreated for long periods. That's when most of the damage occurs.


  9. Well my cousin is a nurse and she says its nothign to be concerned o. The question was more reguarding if it becomes higher in the upcoming days, what would be some signs. Thanks for everyoens input.

  10. well'i have high b.p and i take it seriously and check it several x/day and take a prescrip., but now the standard that i was diagnosed by which the bottom nuber[i beleive d] was 90, anything over is high has changed now its like 70. the same with cholesterol , now more people need to buy more medicine to lower these readings. whats the deal ? one word "conspiracy"LOL".


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