to bridge or not to bridge?? epistane and Methadrol

  1. to bridge or not to bridge?? epistane and Methadrol

    just started epi todays day one, doing 30/30/30/30 and thinking about getting some SD to throw in week 3 so it would be

    rebound xt (got about a 10 day supply)
    Nolva (dosages?suggestions?)
    Animal stak 2
    celery seed extract (through cycle only)
    hawthorne (all through cycle as well)
    coq10 (all through as well)
    milkthistle (all through as well)

    Risk it? opinions, suggestions? Little bit worried about bridging the two, last time I did SD (solo) when I got to 30mg i started to get nose bleeds so im pretty concerned about bp with this bridge. If I dont bridge the two then I will wait a month after pct and then do the SD (aka methadrol).

    my history of use:
    SD, Pheraplex, Winztrol, winstrol tabs and now starting Epi

    what do you guys think I should do, im trying to recomp but am now starting to think i'd like to recomp but lean towards bulking (bf is down to 13.5% figure i can get that below 10 in the next two months from diet anyway). Current bodyweight is 203lbs at 5ft 8.5"


  2. would anyone vote me creating a log for this? Because i searched everywhere and cannot find anyone who has done this or has done it and logged progress or stated their progress? Any input/feedback is appreciated as I need to order the mdrol in the next 4 days for it to arrive in time for a bridge

  3. nobody?? should i log this?? should I do this??? help on nolva dosages???

  4. This question was actually asked fairly recently, it's doesn't seem like a bad idea except for the fact your doing 2 methyls at once.. Recommendations seem to be to add SD in at week 4 of Epi then quit Epi and continue 2 weeks of drol:
    30/30/30/30 EPI
    0/0/0/20/20/20 SD

    Nolva dosages I use are 20/20/20/20 pretty much regardless of cycle.. 20mg is the dose used in half the scientific studies so it should be sufficient.

  5. I also had nosebleeds with SD, but plan on doing pretty much the same thing your doing.. except much lower dosages:
    My idea was:
    Epi 10/10/20/20
    SD 10mg EOD Pulsed with resveritrol on the SD off days (for some extra estro protection)
    Nolva PCT 20/20/20/20
    Pretty much same extras as you: Milk Thistle, Hawthorne, CoQ10, But also Ima bump my Fish oil intake to 10g per day.
    I haven't done any hormonal supp since like 06 though so I didn't wanna come back and get any negative side effects.. it's up to you- goodluck with what you choose though.

  6. are you using nolva in PCT?

  7. Yes, it's mentioned in my second post.
    I don't deal with OTC PCT products.. I've had gyno since puberty and it took me about a year to finally get all the sides to go away: Will not do anything hormonal without it on hand.


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