M1T and 4 Derm

  1. M1T and 4 Derm

    Here is my cycle I'm about to do. It is a 6 weeker.
    First 2 weeks: 10mg./Day Underground Lab's M1t (20mg. if I don't notice anything)
    600mg. 4derm (4ad)

    Weeks2-4: just the 4derm @ 600 mgs.

    Weeks 4-6: 10-20mg.M1t & 600 mg. 4derm

    I'm going to use nolva alone probably for post cycle since that is all I can afford, however when would be the best time to start this? and how should I run it 20 or 40 mgs for 2 weeks?

    Does this whole cycle seem alright?

  2. The cycle sounds good. I would stick with 10mg M1t for at least the first 2-weeker. It will do the trick, trust me. If gains slow during the 2nd 2-weeker, then consider upping it. If you've never used M1t, stay low until you know how the sides affect you. It makes me feel like total **** even at 10mg, I've never gone to 20mg.

    You should take Nolva at 40mg for the first 7-10 days, then drop it to 20mg for the remainder. Continue PCT a minimum of 3 weeks (following a 6-wk cycle), if you don't feel you're fully recovered or nuts are not back after 3- then continue PCT a 4th week.

  3. Thanks. Hopefully 10 mgs. will do me well. Less money out of my pocket right? I'll try the nolva idea too. I just need to see if I need 1 or 2 bottles now.

  4. do u stack with other things like Milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid,or NAC?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    do u stack with other things like Milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid,or NAC?
    I wouldn't

  6. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    I wouldn't
    why wouldn't you want liver support???

  7. Well I've been monitoring my liver enzymes while on 20 mg M1T and they are high but nothing alarming. Also I think there's a general consensus that taking liver protectors while on methyls will allow less of the steroid to be utilized, so if you want to use them then it's best to wait until post cycle.

  8. BTW, this cycle sounds awesome. I plan on doing the same thing with IM 4AD esters for 14 weeks at 1400mg/week while 2 on two off M1T. My recommendation for your cycle is to just go straight for the 20mg M1T. I don't think 10mg would have done anything for me but suppress my T levels and make me feel like ****, but I weigh 225 lbs. The biggest side I've noticed on 20mg is lethargy, but all that 4AD should kick the lethargy's ass.

  9. You don't think I should assess a tolerance first? I was originally planning on doing 20mg. from the get go, but I've heard so many say all you need is 10mg. for the same effect?

    So wait until Post cycle for the liver support pills. Anybody else's thought's on this?


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