Which PH effects your APPETITE the LEAST?

  1. Which PH effects your APPETITE the LEAST?

    How's it going guys? I finished a cycle of SPAWN and my appetite was out of control. I just could not eat enough food... For most this is a good thing, but for me that is a problem. I am always on-top of my diet and it is much cleaner than anybody I have ever met. I pack my cooler every day with the macros I need and I NEVER cheat or miss a meal. I am very good at controlling what and how much I eat. If I am not hungry and I need to eat, I eat! If I am hungry and I am not supposed to eat right then, I don't eat. Well, when I was on SPAWN I could not control myself!!! hahaha I promise you, the first few days of the second week I found myself eating through all the food in my cooler by the end on my second meal. I had to keep adding clean calories to my cooler for about 4 or 5 days till I finally got it about right, and that ended up being about 6500 calories.

    If any of you have experience with something that works, but does not screw with your appetite I would appreciate some help. Thanks!!

  2. some kill your appetite, others ramp them up. mater of fact, most will ramp up your appetite in the beginning, and then there are a few that once the lethargy sets in etc, it becomes increasingly difficult to eat everything you need to eat. ive heard superdrol and phera, m1t can do this, sd especially... but everyone is different. very different.

  3. I thought I saw something like that about SDrol so I will look into that some more. Thanks...

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  4. these aren't diet pills.. just sayin

  5. when I used dymethazine, I had no increase/decrease in appetite, and was able to keep my diet clean. you could try that, or try plain ol superdrol. dymethazine -extra sd molecule, and azine bond.



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