Feedback on new T-gel...

  1. Feedback on new T-gel...

    Few questions here. Is the penetration ability noticeably better than the old stuff? Is the smell strong? Only reason I ask is that my g/f is ridiculously sensitive to smell.

    I was planning on doing a syno conversion, but it appears dazed might be out of business so I can't get a kit from him. Might just cleave the ester and throw this **** in a transdermal.

  2. It has more of an orange smell than the last T-gels but that is all speculative. Absortion I couldn't tell you because its really not something you can measure actively yet. You can get more powder into the solution easier and the lotion itself is not as thick IMO. Its little clearer and more viscous.

    10g if the abolute MAX. Mine went in pretty easily after heating it up and shaking for a littel bit (very simple) but anything above that yoiur going to have trouble.
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  3. Why are you thinking Dazed has gone out of business?

  4. It has been over a month since I got delivery confirmation that he received my cash. Not answering emails, not active on his own board, and several other customers that have not received their orders either.

  5. I thought he was on vacation.

  6. That's one helluva vacation. He definitely received my money, as I used USPS delivery confirmation and he received it on December 3rd.

  7. Well, you're right about that. Hope you get your stuff.

    On a side note, has anyone here used DesignerSupps 1-Test Cyp? Is it painless? I used Dazed's, it was great, but after persuing Designers site and seeing I can get twice as much 1-Test Cyp for what I paid Dazed, I'm thinking of switching.

  8. Hah! He WAS on vacation. I guess he's going nuts trying to get caught up with everything now.

    I think I'll still go ahead with the transdermal though, and save the kit for another day. Not sure about EOD pins for my first cycle.


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